Our Characters

Meet the Animals

Picasso the Painted Dog

Picasso is the sneakiest of ESR’s characters! He’s so furious that African painted dogs have become endangered — he’s always a second away from smacking someone!

Cleopatra the Cheetah

Speed is her middle name, so there's no escaping Cleopatra! She may not be tricky, but her blind rage at the decline of cheetah populations has made her kooky...and dangerous!

Olivia from Bolivia

This pink dolphin looks cute — but don’t be fooled by her smile! Olivia cleverly hides her anger and uses her intelligence to plot revenge against anyone who harms her friends and family.

Meet the Humans


The brilliant young environmental scientist Anita, whose disastrous lab experiment to reverse climate change transformed her into the sinister climate-change-loving Carbonita! Heat and climate change gasses VS cold…change her from Anita to Carbonita!

Carbonita and Climate Change



Smyke is not smart. But, he’s not such a bad guy. He just doesn’t know anything about animals. When he learns lessons about animals…he becomes Smart Smyke! It’s ESR’s job to “Make Smyke Smart!” TM

Make Smyke Smart